The crystallisation phenomenon is a natural process in which "free" atoms in liquid phase tend to well arrange together in remarkable shapes. 

It is the case for frost, snow, salt and more complexly for rocky crystals.

In the workshop, the pots prefired at 1,832°F, are coated with mineral powders, then rekilned and refired at 2,372°F: the stoneware or the porcelain become very compact and resistant.

The enamel deposited on the surface is melted into homogenous glass. The crystal seeds are then created at around 1,832°F and slowly grow in their secret place. 

My research consists in learning from each piece, at the kiln opening, to appreciate, modify some relevant data and try to favour a harmonious scattering of the crystals, for batch!

I involve all my heart, nature and fire will finish the work. It is an alchemy of which I never get tired...I am forever an...apprentice.